A good night’s sleep kick starts your day on a positive note! We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, so investing in the perfect bedroom essentials will help you relax, de-stress and overall, make you a happier person. The size of your bedroom does not matter, even if you have a small bedroom, you can still make it your haven. We’ve put together a few simple bedding ideas on how to style a bed in a way that makes it super cozy. We have a feeling that each and every one of our bedroom decorating tips will serve to inspire and excite you.

Picking The Right Mattress
Choosing the right mattress is very important when it comes to the comfort of your bed. How firm or soft would you like your mattress to be? Most of us are really fussy about this, so try and test your mattress out before buying it. A comfy quilted headrest is a good addition, for reading your book and watching television. Choose a fabric which is durable and resistant to stains, and avoid materials like silks or cotton which absorb oil and dirt easily.

Go Big on the Bedding
Your bedding has to be just, oh so soft! What better way is there to make your bed the coziest place on earth than by making sure that your bedding is extra soft and comfortable? Pick a colour scheme, or make the bedding as colourful as you want. If you’re looking for modern bedding ideas or a Zen-like atmosphere in your bedroom, choose earthy colours like green, brown or black. Go for soft comforters, duvets, blankets, bed covers and other bedding. Duvets can be used by themselves and if you would like to make your bed extra cozy, pile up an extra duvet in between the mattress and the fitted sheet. When you’re lying down, you will feel as if you have a soft, fluffy marshmallow for a bed – which will make you have better, longer sleep.

Invest in Fluffy Pillows
This is one of the most underrated bedding ideas, but the right pillows can make a world of a difference. You can never have too many pillows if you want a comfortable bed. If you think that your bed looks bare once made up, invest in soft, fluffy, willowy pillows. Some people prefer to have firmer pillows to lay their heads on, but you can combine this with softer ones which you can hug or layer around you while you’re sleeping. If you have back problems or if you want to put your leg up while sleeping, pillows make for the perfect place to lay down on.

Add a Fluffy Rug
There are plenty of fluffy rugs that you can purchase for a very reasonable price. If you’re lost when it comes to bed décor ideas, place a fluffy rug at the bottom of your bed. This is not only perfect to lay your feet on after you wake up, but it will definitely add that cozy touch to your bedroom and make it look super luxe.

Install a Bedside Lamp
You don’t want to be getting up to turn off the lights at night after you read your book or do your nighttime rituals in bed. To make it easy for you to turn the lights on and off, install a bedside lamp with a switch that you can easily reach without having to get up. Opt for one which has varying dimness.

Make Your Bed Every day
Finally, even if you don’t have the time, do make your bed every day. You don’t necessarily have to do it perfectly every time, but a nice, made-up bed will make you want to get into it after a long day at work. On days where you don’t have the time, you could always go through a shorter ritual of setting up, and a longer one for when you are entertaining.

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