Monsoon is the best time to sit lazily by the window with a cup of tea and watch the raindrops fall. It is also the perfect time to brighten up your home! The grey skies and gentle patter of rain form the perfect backdrop to a vibrant home. From simply changing your bed linens to adding indoor plants, brightening up your home can be an easy task. Doing so will instantly lift your spirits and make your home look chic and inviting. We’ve put together a list of simple home decor ideas and home decoration tips you can take inspiration from to ensure that your home looks colourful and cheery even during the greyest monsoons!

Bring out your colourful bedspreads (edited)
Let’s start with the bedroom. There is a slight temperature drop during these months, so you will want to keep your bedroom warm and cosy. Choosing the right bed linen for your home is very important. Since the overcast skies can cast a dark shadow on your home, go for bright and vibrant colours like lemon yellow, orange and lime green. Lighter shades can maximize the light available inside the home and enliven the space. Tropical prints are in vogue, so don’t hesitate to add a bold leafy duvet to finish your look!

Experiment with cushions
Styling your home with cushions can give it an instant lift in the monsoon. Have fun by mixing patterns or colours. This is the season to experiment – going bold with hues and prints can add a lot of character to the whole look. However, keep in mind the colour scheme and style of your home. The cushions you pick should not clash with your walls, sofas, carpets, etc. For example, if you have a traditional Indian home, do not go for stark modern, geometrical prints in your cushions. Instead, go for prints like paisley, butta, patola etc. which will give your space the revamp it needs without looking out of place. Tropical cushions also go perfectly with a monsoon palette.

Bring Greenery In
The monsoon brings with it an essence of lush greenery. So bring the outdoors in… literally! You can place indoor plants in vibrant pots and containers in the corners of your home. Plants will surely give a brighter appearance to the room. On occasions, you can also fill up vases with colourful flowers and place them on your bedside table or dining table. If you’re looking for that oomph factor, go for terrariums in clear glass bowls. Additionally, the idea of maintaining houseplants can be discouraging to many, so plants like succulents and cacti are great options for people with busy lifestyles.

Consider Colour Blocking
Colour blocking is a technique that involves pairing two or more bold colours together. When done correctly, even in small doses, it can create a striking visual aesthetic. If you’re not sure how to go about it, start with a small area like your bathroom. Take a bright colour like orange and use it in your bathroom accents side by side with a contrasting hue such as green. Incorporate the colours in your towels, candles, bathroom accessories and even potpourri! To balance the bright hues, use a plain white or cream shower curtain and a chic wicker basket for storing your towels in style.

Adorn your Walls
When it comes to house decoration, wall hangings, art, and photos will serve as the icing on the cake that is your home, and is a perfect way to make your home monsoon ready! Choose pieces that match the style of your room, including the furniture you already have or the decor you have accumulated along the way. We would recommend abstract paintings, graphic prints or even some fun quotes! Go for what best reflects your personality. You can opt for a standalone statement painting or an assortment of small paintings on a plain wall. Play around with shapes and sizes.

Go Bright with your Tableware and Glasses
The joy of eating a piping hot meal amidst rain and thunder is only amplified when you have the perfect tableware to accompany it. Again, going vibrant is the key. Switch out your plain white plates for brightly coloured ones, with fun floral prints. You can also substitute your regular glasses for tinted ones. Taking these simple steps to add some colour and life to your home will make you enjoy the monsoon in a true sense!